domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

Pathworks: la tarea escolar como estrategia educativa.

Inglés E.P, E.S y Adultos

 Dirección de Formación Continua Provincia de Buenos Aires


(Click on the titles to access the documents)

    • Bloom's Taxonomy (two infographics)
    According to Bloom's PYRAMID:
      • LOTS: Lower Order Thinking Skills
      • HOTS: Higher Order Thinking Skills



    Click on the picture below to access the site:  "Resources for Teachers, Instructional Strategies."
    • browse the site
    • choose 3 or 4 strategies to share with your colleagues
    • think of a project that you're carrying out, a lesson plan that you've dessigned recently, a class that you've delivered and
      • apply one/several strategies to that/those class/es
      • create/improve some homework for your students
      • bring these ideas and material to the next meeting
      • analyse them in the light of Bloom's Taxonomy.
    • get ready for MICROTEACHING!!! 

    stella :-)